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guun verb soon, hurry (fut.) bientôt, se presser (fut.) inf. var. of guu
guu verb remain rester inf. var. of gur remain
gɔrtiib noun sickle, scythe faucilles pl. of gɔrk
gɔrmam noun sickle, scythe faucilles sp. var. of gɔrk mam
gɔrk mam noun sickle, scythe, plural form faucilles (gɔrmam) pl. of gɔrk
gɔnni verb zigzag zigzag inf. var. of gɔlngɔln
gɔnn verb skirt around, dodge, avoid contourner, éviter, esquiver dial. var. of gɔln
gɔdo tiib noun bed lits pl. of gɔdo
gɔdo mam noun bed lits pl. of gɔdo
gɔb verb surround, fence in entourer, clôturer dial. var. of gob
golngoln tiib noun millipede, centipede mille-pattes (pl) pl. of golngoln
golngoln mam noun millipede mille-pattes (pl) pl. of golngoln
goln verb go, walk round, look around, surround, fence in aller, marcher au tour, regarder au tour, entourer, clôturer dial. var. of gonn
gariba tiib noun onion oignon pl. of gariba
gariba mam noun onion oignon pl. of gariba
galni verb accuse, blame, judge guilty, (continuous) accuser, condamner, blâmer, juger coupable (cont.) inf. var. of galn
gaar verb remain rester dial. var. of gur remain