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Likpakpaanl - English


lon1verbtie grasses in readiness for roofing or making zana mats
lon2verbbear fruit
lon3cfluulverbcross water (by wading or using stepping stones)
*loobnumeralsix (takes obligatory prefix agreeing with the nominal to which it refers.)*loloob1unspec. comp. formnumeralsix each
loonverbsneak away, stalk
loornounmotor vehicle - lorry, 'truck' [US.], car
lɔbcftii2timɔɔtanverbspit on
lɔesp. var. ofloe
lɔkcfgbeerverbcaught, stuck, trip up, intertwined
lɔkr2verbunstick, loose (opp. of lɔk)
lɔnaakunounguinea corn [type] from plants
lɔɔnverbclean rice5.2.3.1Food from plants
lu1cfŋisubilpl. oflisubilverbbear fruit5.2Food
lu2cfnnyunverbdraw water5.2Food
luesp. var. ofloe
luiverbpeel, strip off skin5.2Food
lukverbmake dam, dig grave
luklverbtake turns at cooking (e.g. two wives do)5.2Food
lukrsp. var.lokrverbgouge out
lul1dial. var. ofgbabclothe
lul2verbset fire to