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malaadverbquickly, fast
malaikapl.malaikateebnounangel, God's messenger
malndial. var. ofmann4
mamcfsiŋater mampl. ofsiŋatertaataamampl. oftaataatapoo mampl. oftapoo-tiibadjectivepluralizer
mamaŋemphaticoneselfM mamaŋ.... I myself
man1cfidipl. ofndiinimaniwaamanpl. ofuwaamankidimaŋlinimanlujamancomp. ofuja2uwaaverbbe redlimamanlder.cfmann3verbred
man2adverbimperative pluralDan man Come (you plural)
mangupl.manguteebnounmango5.2.3.1Food from plants
mann1verbcollect fish from nets previously set in position5.2Food
mann2cfmmannverb1go round, visit2smoke meat or fish (by turning it round on the fire)5.2Food
mann3cflimamanlder. ofman1verbbecome red, redden, (causative)
mann4dial. var.malncfgolndial. var. ofgonngonnverbtraverse, walk around, look around
mar1verbhave seeds
mar2cfduun1verbgo nearfoor mar nigo near
mbaa1reflexivemyself (1 sg. reflex.)
mbaa2cfmfummfumbaacomp. ofmfummbaa2njannumeraloneuja ubaaman one
mbaabilnounspices, perfume5.2.3.1Food from plants
mbaamdial. var.mbaan2nounperfume, scent, lotion, smelltulalee ngbaan aabaam gaa kidiik mɔmɔkThe scent of the perfume filled the room (perfume the poss-scent got room all)
mbaan1cfbaa3verbal nounquestionU kpa nlan ki gar mbaan ngbaanHe answered the question wisely. (he had wisdom and answered question the)
mbaan2dial. var. ofmbaam
mbaemcfbaeverbal nounknowledge, learningUnii u bae mbaem na aa jer waamɔmɔkrA student is not better than his master. (a person who is-learning knowledge not pass his-teacher)
mbambaanpl.ibambaannounapplauseBi faa ibambaan. They clapped. (e.g. when someone scored a goal)
mbamɔmadverbtruly, properly, well