Likpakpaanl – English


ŋmin! verb be quiet (imperative) être silent (impératif)be quiet inf. var. of ŋmin
ŋmim! verb be quiet (imperative) être silent (impératif) dial. var. of ŋmin
*ŋmeen adjective naked (takes a personal pronoun prefix) nu (prendre pn. pers. préfixe) Le uja ni upii nan chuun biŋmeen, kaa san inimɔɔn. The man and the woman were naked and were not ashamed.
ŋmeen adjective only, alone seul Nnyun, ni mbɔmbɔɔn ŋmeen le nan bi ni kookoo. There was only water and darkness everywhere.
ŋmangentiib noun bird [type] type d'oiseau (pl) pl. of ŋmangeŋ
ŋmaan verb tether, tie attacher dial. var. of gbin tether, tie
ŋmaan verb clothe, put on habiller, s'habiller, vêtir dial. var. of gbab clothe