tiŋambipɔk noun finger nails ongles pl. of kiŋambipɔkr
tiŋambinyanyar noun finger nail ongles pl. of kiŋambinyanyark
tiŋambijar noun thumb pouces pl. of kiŋambijak
tiŋaangbenn noun navel nombrils pl. of kiŋaangbeŋ
tiŋaalfar noun hand (arm leaf) mains (bras feuille) pl. of kiŋaalfark
tinyunkpeln noun wave vagues pl. of kinyunkpuŋ
tinyenyengbir noun bladder vessies pl. of kinyenyengbeŋ
tinyar noun night nuits pl. of kinyeek
tinyaŋgbann noun fibre plant, may be red or white - sorrel rosella [type]; calices or leaves of the plant used for soup type de plante à fibre (pl), peut être rouge ou blanc - sorrel rosella; on utilise calices ou feuilles de la plante pour faire la sauce pl. of kinyaŋgbaŋ
tinyanyar noun claw, nail griffes, ongles pl. of kinyanyark
tinyalandir noun glowworm vers luisants pl. of kinyalandeek
tinuyir noun yam head têtes d'igname pl. of kinuyirk
tiningbinn noun eyebrow, eyelid sourcils, paupières pl. of kiningbeŋ
tinimbilir noun mirror miroirs pl. of kinimbilikr
tinimbikur noun eyelash cils pl. of kinimbikurk
tinimbidar noun spectacles, glasses lunettes (pl) pl. of kinimbidark
tinikpakpak noun argument discussions, controverses pl. of kinikpakpak
tineer noun intestine intestins pl. of kineek
tineekpakur noun larynx, Adam's apple larynx (pl) pl. of kineekpakurk
tinatafur noun sock chaussettes pl. of kinatafuuk
tinar noun lower grinding stone meules (partie immobile) pl. of kinaak
tinanjenn noun bat chauve-souris (pl) pl. of kinanjeŋ
tinambonn noun stall in market place boutiques au marché pl. of kinamboŋ
tinabar noun tree [type] type d'arbre (pl) pl. of kinabak
tinaawor noun granary greniers pl. of kinaawol